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Sand making line

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Introduction to integrated quality production line

1. About 20m*15m=300㎡, compact layout, saving the floor space.

2. Environmental protection. The conveyer USES the elevator to replace the belt conveyer, the whole production line seals better, more environmental protection.

3. Quality advantage. Material source fixed, stable, mechanized production mode, to ensure the quality of products stable, adjustable, controllable.

4. Cubic polygonal body and needle-flake <5% were used for sand granulation with continuous reduction of voidage.

5. 1m C30 concrete saves about 50KG of cement, improves compactness and concrete strength, and greatly improves enterprise profitability.

6. Fineness modulus, powder content and water content can be adjusted according to the actual situation to meet the needs of different customers.

7. Develop green mines, popularize modern production modes, practice environmental protection and protect the ecology.

8. Qualified medium sand (mechanism sand) in Area II is suitable for commercial mixing station, dry mixing station and asphalt mixing station. The use of mechanism sand in dry mixing station can avoid drying, which greatly reduces investment and solves the problem that coal-burning drying is difficult to pass the approval of environmental protection department.

Unique sand making technology

1. Needle-sheet control technology

The content of needle-like particles in finished aggregate is less than 5%. In the production of artificial sand and gravel, it is difficult to avoid producing a certain amount of needle-like aggregate due to the influence of factors such as material quality, mining method, crushing process and equipment performance.

In order to strictly control the content of needle flake in finished aggregate, this system focuses on equipment selection. The main machine is an impact crusher, which adopts the collision between rocks to repair the sand and gravel entering the system, so as to achieve the minimum content of needle flake in products.

2. Gradation adjustment control technology

The problem that gradation cannot be produced uniformly is solved thoroughly. To ensure the balanced supply of concrete of all strength grades, the production technology of sand and gravel must adapt to the changes in the demand of concrete construction site due to the changes in the demand of concrete construction site. Through the special production circuit formed by gradation adjustment unit, the gradation and fineness modulus of the fine sand making machine can be adjusted according to the set requirements, and the maximum output of the mechanism sand can be more than 50% of the total output of sand and gravel.

3. Stone powder content control technology

The control measures of the content of stone powder in finished sand can make the separation of stone powder in finished sand become easy and can be dynamically controlled by the precise control of the sand separator.

4. Control the water content of sand

Through the unique wet mixing machine, the finished product mechanism sand reaches the saturated surface dry state to achieve about 4%, not only dustproof, segregation prevention, but also more in line with the use of concrete enterprises.


5, environmental protection

Zero pollution, zero emissions, compact and reasonable layout, small floor space, small installed power.

Technical characteristics

Vitamin k series sand making machine is a kind of excellent third or fourth crusher, in one device has the unique function of crushing and grinding at the same time, can work almost all hard and high abrasion resistance, brittle material and viscous material, the machine structure is novel and unique, smooth operation, high yield, low production cost, low pollution, easy installation and maintenance.

At the same time, VK sand making machine has excellent stone shaping function. The products after one shaping are cubic polygonal bodies. Even brittle aggregates such as granite and basalt can be shaped to the level of needle flake below 5%.

VK sand making machine adopts foreign advanced 'non-contact segregation and crushing' technology, and develops unique alloy wear resistant material, so that the user's wear parts cost can be reduced to a minimum. At the same time, the structure can be adjusted according to the hardness, output, size and proportion of the finished product, to produce satisfactory products, which have been widely used in hydropower, highway, construction, cement, quartz sand, ore production and other industries.

The working principle of

Vitamin k series sand making machine in the work, the material from the hopper into the sand making machine, after the center of the feed opening into the high-speed rotation of the rotor was full speed up and thrown by emission, and rebound after the first part of the free falling material impact, then hit together around the whirlpool of vortex chamber of on line (or back plate) be rebound to the top of the crushing cavity, the deflection downward movement, and the material impact emitted from the impeller passage to form a continuous material curtain, finally through the lower discharging mouth eduction.

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