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Sand separator

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Zero emission centralized dust removal technology:

Technical features: Zero-discharge dust removal system is to collect the dust directly to the dust collector hanging on the main station into the ash inlet, dust removal through the filter bag, discharge clean air, filtered dust through the specially designed air trough directly into the powder metering hopper into the production cycle, to achieve zero discharge.

Technical advantages

Main station dust collector

Dust collecting principle: The dust collector adopts the active suction type dust collecting device to collect and treat the dust. The filtered dust is directly scattered into the hopper of the main station and then enters the main engine.


Technical advantages: realize the three important stages of dust measurement, dust placement and concrete unloading, so as to ensure the smooth flow of gas and eliminate the impact on the powder measurement system.

Dust remover: Pulse dedusting device is used for dedusting. Dust filter bag is sprayed regularly to ensure the air flow.

Sand recovery, sewage treatment

The concrete recovery rate is 100%. The sand, gravel and mortar water are separated by a sand and gravel separator. The sand and gravel are directly recycled. After the mortar water is stirred by the stirring motor, it is pumped into the water scale by sewage pump and used again, achieving 100% recovery and reuse.

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