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Environmental protection mixing plant

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Environmental protection mixing plant characteristics

The mixing layer and metering layer are sealed to reduce noise and prevent dust expansion, and the powder tank is forced to collect dust. The powder tank adopts zero emission and centralized dust removal to achieve good dust collecting effect.

The electrical components adopt well-known brands at home and abroad, precise control, high efficiency, energy saving and noise reduction;

Equipped with sewage treatment system, sewage is separately measured into the main machine for recycling, sand and gravel separation after recycling;

Complete package of inclined belt and gravel field can reduce dust pollution and avoid the influence of weather factors.

Realization of environmental protection - brick machine

In the production process, the mixing plant will inevitably produce a large amount of sewage (sewage mainly from: tank car washing sewage, waste water, equipment washing sewage, plant washing sewage), causing a great waste, in view of this phenomenon good a company specially developed environmental protection artifacts - brick machine.

As the name implies, "brick-making machine" is the mechanical equipment for manufacturing and producing bricks. Its characteristics are mainly as follows:

1, the use of concrete mixing station waste mud, with cement, fine sand, foaming agent and additives, and other raw materials made into bricks;

2. Turn the waste into treasure, effectively solve the problem of mud pollution in the mixing station, and achieve zero waste discharge

3. Additional profits for the mixing plant in the process of disposing of the waste.

Causes of pollution sources in mixing stations:

A. Dust: dust from dust bin, dust from production process, dust from sand and gravel field;

B. Sewage: cleaning of the mixing truck, road cleaning and the main station;

C. Noise: noise during the production of various motors, vehicles and main stations.

Measures taken against three pollution sources in environmental protection mixing plants

A. Dust: Adopt the high-efficiency pulse backblowing dust collector, which can reduce the dust emission to the minimum, remove dust with large air discharge capacity and good dust removal effect. The main station and the powder silo are completely encapsulated to eliminate dust, and the operation space and production space are separated to reduce the harm of dust to operators;

B. Sewage: It should be equipped with sand separator, sewage treatment tank, sewage centralized collection device, vehicle body cleaning device installed on site, and sewage collection tank on site to treat waste water and residue.

C. Noise: The whole main station, sand and gravel plant and inclined belt are fully enclosed to reduce noise transmission throughout the station; And the whole station adopts the low noise motor, reduces the noise decibel, lets the operator work more comfortable.


Jia Yi environmental protection efficient and energy-saving mixing plant integrated package, compact structure, beautiful appearance, atmosphere! As a revolutionary product of the mixing plant industry, Jia Yi Heavy Industry not only responds to the national policy of energy conservation and emission reduction, but also can reduce the comprehensive cost and improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise!


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