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The 6 major advantages of continuous mixing plant

Large output, high efficiency - continuous smooth work, continuous mixing plant single machine production;

Mixing evenly -- the material into the mixer is the mixture. The mixing process of the mixture in the mixer is the mixing and hydration process, so the mixing time can be shortened.

No leakage, small wear - continuous mixer feed end for dry mixing, two shaft end are added with anti-screw, so there is no leakage. The requirements of the blender on the wear-resistant materials are not high;

Low fault -- the frequency of starting and stopping of continuous mixing station is only 1/7-1/3 of that of intermittent mixing station, so the equipment has long service life and low fault probability;

Energy saving - the energy consumption of continuous mixing stations is only 1/3 to 2/3 of that of intermittent mixing stations. The reduction of installed capacity can simplify distribution equipment and reduce production costs.

It covers a small area.

Engineering station

In order to meet the requirements of mixing high performance, high strength, high precision and high grade concrete for passenger dedicated line, and the situation that hot water, cold water and ice water may be used in the production process, the special station for high-speed railway has been specially designed.

The main station structure of Type A and Type C is adopted, among which the new type C structure of environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency and reliability is mainly adopted. The double-horizontal shaft forced mixing machine designed by Italian technology is adopted to meet the special requirements of homogeneity, high performance and high strength of concrete for passenger dedicated line. The use of a unique sand, stone and other aggregate weighing patent technology; Adopt high performance and high reliability two-position control system; Three kinds of admixture metering systems are designed to select the special requirement of admixture for concrete of passenger dedicated line.

Performance specification


Jia Yi environmental protection and efficient energy-saving mixing plant has 4 major advantages: high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, beautiful! Using our company's unique subtraction measurement patent technology, the product has two characteristics:

The first characteristic: high efficiency! The actual peak production efficiency of HZS180 can reach 180 square meters/hour;

The second characteristic: energy saving outstanding! Two HZS180 mixing stations can share one 250KW transformer;

There are two models of the new station, B and C, which can fully meet the non-standard and personalized needs of users. Moreover, the foundation is simple and easy to do. It covers a small area and has a large maintenance platform, which can save the initial basic investment of about 200,000-300,000 yuan. The concrete produced by jia Yi energy efficient mixing plant can save 5-7 yuan per square meter!

Jia Yi environmental protection efficient and energy-saving mixing plant integrated package, compact structure, beautiful appearance, atmosphere! As a revolutionary product of the mixing plant industry, Jia Yi Heavy Industry not only responds to the national policy of energy conservation and emission reduction, but also can reduce the comprehensive cost and improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise!

Structural features:

The new mixing plant has outstanding energy-saving effect. The total power of the screw machine configured in the old structure is 5×18.5=92.5 kilowatts, while the power of the screw machine configured now is 5×5.5=27.5 kilowatts. The energy saving of the single station is 65 kilowatts, and the energy saving of the two stations is 130 kilowatts.

The new mixing plant has better environmental protection effect. The station adopts color steel plate packaging, which has a good heat and sound insulation effect, and because the screw machine is all sealed in the main station, the noise of the whole station is reduced to the minimum;

The main machine adopts high-pressure pump to pressurize spray water, and multiple nozzles are installed on the spray pipe. The setting of spray pipe is convenient for cleaning and maintenance, and the spray design and control are clever, which greatly reduces the ash and axle holding phenomenon in the main machine tank.

The main machine is equipped with an active dust collector, which can automatically collect dust, dehumidify, exhaust air, and send the collected dust back to the main machine. The dust collecting effect is excellent, without pollution to the environment.

The monitoring system is added in the main engine, and the collapse in the mixing process can also be observed by the ingenious technology processing.

The weighing system adopts the jiayi patent subtraction method for measurement, which makes the efficiency faster, the impact power loss smaller and the measurement accuracy higher.


Type A station


Type B station


Type C station

Type A station: structural features

The cement silo is arranged in a fan-shaped pattern around the main station, which covers a large area and has high foundation cost. Helo, a power hog.

Type B station: structural features

The cement warehouse is moved to the top of the main station, which covers a small area and costs less. Short screw, low power consumption; Compact structure, beautiful appearance atmosphere.

Type C station: structural features

The middle two storeys are Shared by two stations, which is convenient to use. The single station can be equipped with more than 6 powder spirals, which greatly increases the expansibility of equipment functions. The equipment occupies a small area, the basic cost is small; Short screw, low power consumption; Modular design, easy to move.

Technological innovations and advantages

Part of the batching machine is measured by the national patent subtraction method, which has four advantages:

1. Improve the accuracy by 20 times; 2. Faster batching speed; 3, sand does not arch, reduce manual intervention; 4. Low impact power, more energy saving.

The host part of the

Improve the flushing water inlet system, improve the position of blanking, mixing directly into the shortcomings, reduce the phenomenon of holding shaft; Improve the heat treatment process of shaft head to improve the hardness; The main engine monitoring device is added to directly observe the stirring effect in the main engine. Increase the pulse backblowing active dust removal of the main station, so that there is no dust in the main engine.

The main dust removal

An active exhaust and a pulse backblow dust removal device are added to the main engine and midway cylinder respectively.

Cement silo

Adopt pulse backblow type dust collector, dust removal is cleaner; Centralized dust removal is adopted to eliminate the phenomenon of ash spraying under blanking pressure. The collected cement is then measured and used to achieve zero emissions; The bin is equipped with a resistance shift type material level meter, which can give high and low level sound and light alarm.

In order to make the system more stable, the electrical components use Schneider, the operating system USES WINDOWS XP, and the hard disk USES large hard disk. In addition, the system can automatically store manual ingredient data (exclusive in China); The mixing station fault system can be automatically detected; The weighing system is added to the intermediate cylinder to ensure the safety and reliability of the system. In the production process, the proportion can also be added and modified. The main drive adopts electric roller, the belt machine adds self-correcting function, and the spiral machine adopts continuous uneven blade (non-blocking spiral machine). The console adopts aluminum profiles; The control cabinet is made of section steel, which is more durable.


The actual peak production efficiency of HZS180 can reach 180 square meters/hour; Spiral length is only 4 meters, short transportation distance, fast speed; Using the national patent technology subtraction measurement, the aggregate feeding speed increased by 2 times; The control system adopts double plan, and the production efficiency of multi-ratio variation is the same as that of single ratio.

Energy saving

The two stations HZS180 mixing station can share a 250KW transformer; Single station mixing station covers an area of only 72 square meters; The number of foundation piling is small and the foundation cost is small. It adopts the national patent technology subtraction method to measure, and the motor has no power loss when blanking. The screw is reduced from 18.5KW/ root to 5.5KW/ root.

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