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Before the service

You can consult us through sales phone, email and other ways, we will be in 24 hours for your detailed and thoughtful questions.

We will quickly and efficiently provide you with all kinds of product information you need to explain to you the product features you want to know.

We will provide the best technical support and design plan according to your site, production requirements and other factors.

We will also come to refine the scheme for you, at the same time, warmly welcome you to our company, we will provide the whole process of relevant consulting and scheme design, all-round for you to remove doubts.

Sale service

According to your site, requirements, realistic conditions and other factors, we create a close-fitting plan for you.

We provide effective programs free of charge, for you to prepare personnel, set up facilities to choose.

We train your equipment operators free of charge, or provide equipment operators for you to choose.

We will complete the installation, testing, debugging and acceptance of the whole station mechanical and electrical control equipment for your use.

After-sales service

Implement three 24-hour after-sales tracking technical services:

24 hours advisory services;

Troubleshooting within 24 hours;

24 hours a full range of service supervision telephone;

Arrive within 12 hours within the province where the headquarters and after-sales service center are located;

Headquarters and after-sales service center located outside the city to the fastest and timely arrival.

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